by Sascha Ledinsky
15 Dec 2005
JPatch 0.5.2 (development version) has been released

25 Nov 2005
The JPatch homepage has moved to a new host. Outages are (hopefully) a thing of the past.

14 Oct 2005
JPatch 0.5.1 (development version) has been released

9 May 2005
JPatch 0.4 PREVIEW 1 has been released

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Which version should I choose?

JPatch is work in progress. The most stable and useful version at this time is JPatch 0.4 PREVIEW 1. After the release of JPatch 0.4 PREVIEW 1 I've changed the version numbering scheme: Odd minor version numbers (0.5.x, 0.7.x, etc.) now designate development versions, even minor version numbers (0.6.x, 0.8.x, etc.) stable versions. There are a lot of new features in the development branch. However, versions in this branch are still quite instable - I release them for those who are curious about the latest features and to gain feedback.

I am aware of a few minor bugs in JPatch 0.4 PREVIEW 1, but I think it is stable enough to be useful (after all, I've made The Impostor animation with a predecessor of this version).

Much has changed since then (there is support for OpenGL hardware accelerated rendering, bones, and a lot of new features), but it will take some more time until the code becomes stable enough. It will eventually be released as JPatch 0.6.

Current stable version

JPatch 0.4 PREVIEW 1 (May 2005) download now

Current development version

JPatch 0.5.2 (Dec 2005) download now

WARNING: I've fixed most bugs from JPatch 0.5.1, but this is still a development version and there are numerous issues that haven't been fixed yet.
Considerable parts of the code have been rewritten, so even things that worked without problems in JPatch 0.4 might not work in this version.

  • The animator isn't fully functional (motion curves for skeletons won't be saved to file), but I am about to fully include all animation functions into JPatch's main GUI.
  • Morphs from JPatch0.4 models won't be imported correctly unless the model has been saved with all morph-sliders set to their idle (0) position.

You can use this forum thread to discuss about this version.

Old versions

JPatch 0.3 (Oct 2004) download now
JPatch 0.2.1 (Jun 2003) download now

Screenshots [click on images to enlarge]:

A screenshot of the latest development version (May. 2006)

A screenshot of the development version (Nov. 2005)

JPatch 0.4's modeler window with 4 viewports

Working with morphs

JPatch's material editor.